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Too Hot For Toast – Toasters in Color

I love a splash of color in the kitchen… and these are almost too hot for toast! Shown here in Red, Canary Yellow, Petal Pink, and Charcoal.

The first Dualit bread toaster was created by a London engineer in the year 1946, and the design was quickly recognized for its sturdy construction, versatility, and ingenuity. Today, the same attributes are found in Dualit toasters. They are still assembled by hand in England, and the base plate of each toaster bears the personal mark of the assembler. Designed for commercial use, the Dualit toaster is built to last with an insulated stainless steel body, variable controls, and automatic shutoff.

The Dualit Vario 4-Slice Toaster combines simplicity and sophistication perfectly. Patented “ProHeat” elements ensure perfect toasting with a radical, new heat pattern while increasing operating efficiency. Extra-large 6″ x 1-¼” toast slots easily accommodate oversized bread slices and bagels, while wire guards automatically adjust to the width of the bread to keep it centrally positioned during toasting.

The unique Sandwich Cage, available as an accessory, also can be inserted in any slot. A large selector knob allows you to control toast browning with automatic shutoff, and a control switch sets the number of slots to be activated. As on earlier Dualit toasters, toast does not pop up but stays warm until the manual ejector lever is pushed up.


  • Capacity 2 or 4 or slices
  • Output 130 slices per hour
  • Power 1800 Watts 120 Volts AC
  • Size 14-¼” x 8-¼” x 8-¾”H
  • Weight 9-½ Lbs
  • Available in chrome, red, petal pink, canary yellow, or charcoal color